Plague: The Mormon Opposition to Pornography, 1850s-1966

Mormons have called it a plague, a cursing, a disease, and the surest sign that the modern world loves to gaze at Gomorrah.  For several years, hardly a General conference, stake conference, or even Elder’s quorum meeting went by without at least a passing reference to pornography’s evils.  But pornography hasn’t always been around, and the Latter-day Saints have not always been fixated in destroying it.  At what point did Mormonism begin to conceptualize pornography as one of the greatest evils of our time?    Continue reading


The Uchtdorf Persuasion

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf’s talk has sent a shock wave of sheer joy throughout the Latter-day Saint community, ranging from conservative housewives to liberal academics. One blogger used Park and Recreation’s Ben Wyatt to demonstrate the dramatic impact of Uchtdorf’s talk:

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