Moving the Elephant: Having the Believer-Disaffected Conversation

So you’ve miraculously managed to get the believing Relief Society President and disaffected Mormon liberal (or, rarely, conservative–yes, I do know one) to sit down over salad. Continue reading


The Mainstreamers, or How Not To Tick Off Everybody You Know

 Jaw clenches. Eyes glaze over.  You, a Mormon wondering if you even have a place in the Church, are being forced to listen to the same stuff that you feel has failed you.  You feel like Michael Scott as you hear the words:

In spite of everything you’ve said, I know that the Church… Continue reading

Correlation: A Good Thing?

Mattson-gate continues on.   Some are already over it.  And that’s fine.  But some aren’t.   And they deserve a hearing too. The latest response to Mattson’s New York Times editorial is a complaint about the Correlation Committee.  Why do they exist?  Isn’t it just a bunch of boring guys in suits keeping us from exploring the truth of our history on our own terms? Continue reading